Main Gateways into C.I.S. and Afghanistan

Main Gateways into C.I.S. and Afghanistan


    •    Poti – Sea Terminal
    •    Connects Europe, America, Middle East to the Trans- Caspian Railroad


    •    Istanbul
    •    Connects Balkans and Turkey to Afghanistan via Turkish State Railways Network

Port of Turkmenbashi

Connects the Black Sea to Central Asia & Afghanistan via The Volga Don River and The Caspian Sea.Reaching Turkmenbashi is only possible between the months of April & October from The Black Sea via Sea transport and this route is extremely important for Project & Oversized goods. Currently there is a huge investment being made by the Turkmenistan government.

Main Gateways into C.I.S. and Afghanistan


    •    Malaszewicze/Brest- Rail Terminal
    •    Connects Central, Eastern and Western Europe to Afghanistan via Russia and Trans- Asian Rail Network


    •    Zahony/Chop – Rail Terminal
    •    Connects Balkans and Southern Europe to Afghanistan through Russian and Trans – Asian Rail Networks


    •    St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Riga – Sea Terminal
    •    Connects Northern Europe and America to Afghanistan via Trans- Siberian Railroad and Trans – Asian


    •    Alashankou – Drujba – Rail Terminal
    •    Connects Far East to Afghanistan via Trans China Railways and Trans- Asian Rail Networks

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